❄️Cryotherapy.. Who’s done it? ❄️ I’ve wanted to try it for so long but actually been really scared. I hate the cold but James and I walk past this place all the time, it’s literally 5min from our house so decided to take the leap and jump into a tank at -135degrees ?

It wasn’t that bad! I thought it would be the longest 3 minutes of my life, but it actually went really quickly. I really enjoyed it.. And the immediate effects were amazing. I had this crazy burst of energy when I stepped out and it lasted all day. Almost like I had just had a few cups of coffee but without any jitters or anything. I actually went home and chose to work…. On a Saturday.. So that says something ?

I even bought James a session to try after mine because I felt a tantrum brewing… He hadn’t had one in a few weeks so I knew it had to be coming soon over something ? so because cryo causes the release of endorphins.. I thought I’d try my luck. It worked! He didn’t crack it at me for not helping him clean the house!!! So life hack.. If your partners in a shitty mood or you suspect they might be soon. Get them a cryo session ?