Cryotherapy Melbourne

My fiancé and I were on holiday in America. It had been a long day of walking around the big city of New York, when I looked at John and saw that look on his face… I know that look all too well, it’s a look that hurts me to my soul.

John has two bulging discs, and although for the most part he is relatively pain free due to him managing it well. Long flights, big days of walking around being tourists, and sleeping in a bed that’s not our own had resulted in his pain flaring up.

We had heard about the benefits of Cryotherapy through podcasts such as Joe Rogan, Tim Ferris, and Tony Robbins. And knew there must be one in New York. So we got to Googling.

We walked into the Cryotherapy clinic shortly after, and I could see John was nervous. Why wouldn’t he be? The thought of him standing in a chamber that is about to drop to sub zero for the first time was enough to give me shivers.

The first Session

I watched as he entered the chamber and reached -120 degrees… One minute in and he was laughing and joking with the technician, what was this? A change in his mood already? This pain he experiences usually makes him quiet and he generally loses that cheeky sense of humour that I love so much.

At the half way point the technician asked how John was feeling, he replied with “good lets go colder”. The technician dropped the temperature to -140 degrees for the remainder of the 3 minute session.

The session was finished and I could see an instant change in John’s demeanour. He was smiling, he seemed to have a burst of new energy like the session had brought him back to life, and best of all he was moving pain free.

Once we left the clinic I asked him “are you really feeling that good, or was this an act for the people that worked for the clinic”. I just couldn’t believe the difference in him from just 3 minutes prior. He replied, “I feel amazing, my back does not hurt at all”.

The light bulb moment

It was at this point that the cogs in my head started turning over… If this has helped the love of my life get pain relief that strong harmful painkillers don’t seem to achieve, I have to find a way to bring this to Australia.

John loved the treatment so much that he wanted to do it again when we were in LA. That’s when we visited Cryo Healthcare. The team were lovely and I explained to them my disbelief in how well Cryotherapy worked. I told the staff I needed to bring this type of therapy to Australia.

The next day after arriving back in Melbourne I started making enquiries about purchasing a Cryo machine. Fast-forward almost 12 months and here I am sitting at what I hope to be Melbourne’s best Cryotherapy clinic…. My clinic Rejuven8 Cryotherapy.

I have the goal of creating a business that helps Melbournian’s optimise their health and wellbeing beyond what they ever thought they could achieve.

Here’s to new beginnings.